01 Dec 2012

December 1st – 1st window

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When was the last time you got an Advent calendar? – it has certainly been a while. And since everyone is pleased about a little surprise each day, I decided to make an Advent calendar again this year. It will contain little tales, thoughts, pictures – of course…. – every day something else to brighten the time until Christmas.

I am not sure if I will be able to translate every story. Some will be German, some will be in English…

Today I begin with a little tale I got of a good friend…

The small cotton thread 

Once upon a time there was a small cotton thread who was afraid not to be enough the way he was. “For a rope I’m too weak,” he said to himself, “and for a sweater too short. To connect with others, I am far too intimidated. For embroidery I’m too pale and colorless. Of course, if I was made of Lurex, I could decorate a stole or a dress. But that way? There is never enough of me! I am no good for anything!? Nobody needs me… Nobody likes me… and neither do I “, said the small cotton thread, put on sad music and felt bummed with his self-pity.

Meanwhile, outside in the cold night a lump wax was running around frantically in the frightening darkness. “For a fat Christmas candle I’m too small,” it whines “and all by myself I can not warm anyone. To decorate a great big candle, I’m too boring. Oh, what am I supposed to do alone in the dark? “

The little lump wax came across the house of the small cotton yarn And since it was freezing outside, and his fear was so big, he decided to knock at the door.

As he saw the small sad cotton thread, he got a beautiful idea. Eagerly he said: “Do not let yourself hang, cotton thread! I’ve got an idea! I know you are to small for a great Christmas candle, neither do I have enough wax to be one. But the two of us together would be good enough for a tealight. It’s much better to light a little candle, as always complaining only about the darkness! “

A small smile spread across the face of the cotton thread and he was suddenly very happy. He teamed up with the lump of wax and said:. “Now my life finally has a meaning!”

Who knows, maybe out there in the world there are even more short cotton fibers and small wax lumps that could conspire to give light to the world?

I wish you all a beautiful 1st of December!


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  1. ushi
    01 December 2012 reply

    ohhh, wie schön! Ich freu mich auf die Weihnachtszeit mit Tanjas Adventskalender- endlich kann ich ihn Tag für Tag verfolgen!
    Du machst das alles so liebevoll!
    Euch auch eine traumhafte Weihnachtszeit! Ich drück euch ganz fest an mein Herz!

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