03 Jan 2013

1. Fearless Award

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What a way to start the new year! This morning as we sat down at our computers we had no clue what was to come. Out of the blue, we get a message from Samo Rovan congratulating us on our Fearless Award! Huh???

 Totally clueless and without receiving any notice, we went straight to Fearless and started searching through all the newly awarded photos in Collection 13 to see if we also received an Award…

…it was very suspenseful searching through all these great photos, when all of a sudden, there it was, our photo! What an honor to be amongst all these great photographers! We were speechless and excited!

Our first official Award, but hold on tight, there will be many more to come! Now that we have a little taste of fame! =)

Thanks to the jury and Fearless Photographers for this great Honor

Congratulations to all the great winners of collection December 2012!

Click here to see all images of round 13!

  1. Katrin
    04 January 2013 reply

    Sooooo cool meine Lieben, herzlichen Glückwunsch!! Aber es war ja auch nur eine Frage der Zeit, gell?! 😉
    LG K+E

  2. Vera
    04 January 2013 reply

    Prima tanja mach weiter so

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