Today I have another little story for you…

The angel on the bridge

On my way I met a young man who walked up and down. I asked him, what he was doing and he looked at me. His eyes were full of sadness and also anger. His body was weak and yet he couldn’t calm down. There was a big package on his shoulders – here and there a few holes, where there was missing a bit of its content; but still it seemed very heavy.

I asked why he kept walking up and down? He answered, that he wanted to cross that bridge to get to this beautiful island on the other side of the canyon, and still he didn’t dare to because all his burden was so heavy and the bridge didn’t seem stable enough to carry him.

I asked him why he didn’t take off his burden, that way he could also cross the bridge without problem. He looked at me all flabbergasted – without his package??? No, that wasn’t possible!

I asked him, what is so important with this package, that he couldn’t leave it behind. He smiled and answered proudly – this is my past.

He walked up an down – wishful glances over to the beautiful island with flowers, fruits and fresh water. He was really weak, so I offered him some water, which he drank gratefully.

I asked him, if he would now take off his package and walk over to the island. But he denied vehemend – under no circumstances he would let go of his precious past, just to get to the island – there must also be another way to get there.

We remained silent.

I supposed, that if his past would be lighter, he could probably take it with him on the island. But if it would be lighter, his own weight would be much higher, what would mean, that he couldn’t cross the bridge neither with his past, nor without. But because he walked for so long with all this burden, he got so much lighter himself, that he himself would now be able to cross the bridge, if he would let go of his burden.

He looked at me astonished – “You really think that this is the only way to cross that bridge? he asked.

I remained silent. He pondered.

Than he asked me, if I could carry his past just for a moment, because he didn’t want to put it in the dirt. He wanted to peak over to the island to see, if the exchange would pay out.

I said, that he could gladly go to the island, but I would not take over his burden. I showed him a pile next to the bridge and said: “All that is the past of many others who came here across before you. They all were as undetermined as you. It is your decision where your path is taking you.”

And since he walked over that bridge, his past is resting next to the past of many other happy and free people!

            Paula Meux

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  1. Simi
    28 December 2014 reply

    Eine tolle Geschichte, Tanja. Regt zum Nachdenken an…

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