11 Dec 2012

December 11th – 11th window

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After we had to postpone our first appointment due to bad weather, we were rewarded two weeks later with wonderful autumn weather!

It was not hard to decide where the Engagement-Shooting would take place. There is only one place that connects the two since they first met a long time ago: the Eichholzer Täle in Sindelfingen. It is a camp, where they met and where they are still helping out during the main season.

If you look at how the two interact with each other, it is obvious that they belong together!

Already at our first meeting, I realized that I would love to photograph the two on their wedding day – it was so relaxed from the beginning on, as if we’ve known each other since forever.


Enjoy watching the pictures and have a nice 11th December!

Ps: by the way, many thanks to Franziska Molina for your recommendation! 🙂

  1. Franziska
    11 December 2012 reply

    sehr gerne Tanja…sind ganz tolle Bilder..da freut man sich jetzt schon auf die Hochzeitsbilder 🙂

  2. Opa und Oma
    15 December 2012 reply

    Schöne Bilder, da sieht man, wie glücklich ihr seid und das freut uns sehr, liebe Grüße Opa&Oma

  3. Jenni M.
    28 March 2013 reply

    Jetzt habe ich die Fotos auch nochmal angeschaut – die sind wirklich wunderschön (was sowohl am wunderschönen Paar als auch an der Fotografin liegt :)). Wie werden wohl dann erst die Hochzeitsfotos? Ich bin so gespannt!

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