One day all the frogs decided to host a footrace. To make it even more difficult, they decided the goal should be on top of a high tower.

Many other frogs gathered on the day of the footrace to watch it.

Then finally – the footrace began.

Well, the thing was, that most of the frogs that came to watch the race didn’t believe that it would be possible to reach the goal. And so, instead of cheering for them, the shouted out things like “Oh you poor things! You will never succeed!” or “This is impossible!” 

And actually it really looked like the audience was about to be right, because little by little more frogs gave up.

The audience kept shouting: “Oh all these poor frogs, they will never make it!”

And really, after a short period of time all frogs gave up – all but one, who kept climbing up the tower assiduously – and who was the only one reaching the goal.

The audience was totally fuddled and everyone wanted to know how this was even possible.

One of the other participating frogs went towards him to ask how he did it to win the footrace.

And that was the first time they realized, that this frog was deaf!

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  1. Simone
    27 December 2014 reply

    Liebe Tanja,
    eine tolle Geschichte! Traurig aber wahr…

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