For the 17th December I have a small baking excursion 🙂

I don’t want to give the impression, that I am a gifted baker, it’s rather the opposite way: I actually prefer cooking over baking because if you mess up something, you can still add some ingredients and taste to get it good – at least most of the time 🙂 When baking, you have to stick with the recipes and then you have to wait ages to see if it worked out, or not …

But Christmas time is baking time!

Franziska immediately agreed to help me with this project. Well, all I knew was, that I want to post a recipe, actually I wanted to show you a really fancy one… Well, long story short, we came across the idea that we could change the well-known sand tarts recipe and bring a little variety to it to get a variation of them 🙂

Here are the ingredients that we used for the dough:

Ingredients for 65 pieces:

1 vanilla bean

250g flour

1 pinch baking powder

100g sugar

2 sachets of vanilla sugar

100g ground almonds

125g butter

3 egg yolks

for dusting:

50g icing sugar

Our tested variations:

Chocolate sand tarts

Poppy sand tarts

sand tarts a la Orange

sand tarts with amaretto

In the following picture, Franziska shows us that you can separate eggs in different ways … The second version even looked a lot easier than the first, conventional one… 🙂

It quickly became clear that 125g butter are far too little, since the dough was a single crumb pile … More butter was needed …

After the dough was kneaded, it was time for our variations!

We have divided the dough into 4 equal pieces:

The first was mixed with the shell of a whole orange.

The second with about 50g poppy.

The third with dark cocoa powder, about 30g.

And the fourth and last part was tipsy with a shot of amaretto.

While kneading the dough we realized that if you add more ingredients  to the basic recipe, such as poppy seeds, or cocoa that you previously should omit other ingredients beforehand. What I am saying is that with the additional ingredients, the dough was very crumbly again and was therefore difficult to handle. Our main concern was, how do I get it somewhat in shape, so it looks at least nearly like sand tarts … 🙂

Except for the two varieties of orange zest and Amaretto – this was of course our favorite: smelled good, the raw dough already tasted promising …

Then we put them into the preheated oven (convection oven 160 ° C) for 15-20 minutes

Said and done.

When the second round was completed, and we have everything dusted with powdered sugar and went to the direct comparison:

Our first impression when tasting the chocolate and poppy sand tarts was:

well done and nothing for weak teeth, but good for dipping in coffee. 🙂

Since the variations of Amaretto and Orange have not really differentiated visually we had to make the taste test – but we could not really determine which was what.


  • More butter would not have hurt anyone, that way we could have used more of the variation ingredients to make the taste more intensive.

  • Orange & Amaretto is never too much, do not save at the wrong end 🙂

  • The cookies all have great potential, each in his own way, there was just a lack of implementation

  • Taste is overrated, the main thing is, that it looks great!

  1. ushi
    17 December 2012 reply

    Hmmmm lecker!!!!!!! Schöner Eintrag, vielen Dank für eure Backerlebnisse!

  2. Franziska
    17 December 2012 reply

    hmmm also die mit Mohn sind einfach der Hammer !!!

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