One day an old professor of a higher public school was asked to hold a lecture on “Time Management”. This course was designed for a group of 15 executives from major U.S. companies. Since the course constituted one of the 5 parts of a meeting, the old professor had only one hour available to convey his knowledge on this subject. The old professor stood before the elite of managers who were willing to write down all the details of this presentation. He watched them, one by one slowly, and said: “We will do an experiment.”

The old professor reached under the table which separated him from the participants, brought up a huge glass and placed it on the table. After that he took a dozen stones, about the size of tennis balls, and put them carefully one by one into the large glass. When the jar was filled, and it was impossible to add another stone, the old professor looked at his audience and asked, “Is the jar full?” All replied: “Yes!” He waited a few seconds and added, “Are you sure?”

He then bent again and grabbed a container full of gravel. Carefully he tipped the gravel on the rocks, shaking his glass slightly. The gravel went through the rocks …. to the bottom of the glass. The old professor looked again at his audience and asked again, “Is this jar full?” This time the students saw through his little game. One of them replied: “Probably not!” “Well,” replied the professor. He leaned back and this time he took a pot of sand from under the table. He carefully poured the sand into the jar. The sand filled the holes between the rocks and the gravel. He asked again: “Is the jar full?” This time, without hesitation, and together, the staring participants responded “no”. “Good!” replied the professor. And as expected, the professor took a pitcher of water and filled the glass to the edge. He then looked at his group and asked, “What great truth can be proved with this experiment?”

One of the students , who had been thinking about the topic of the course, replied: “This proofs us that even if someone believes the agenda is completely full, you can always add new dates, new pending matters to it, if you really want to.” “No!” replied the professor, “It is not that! The great truth about this experiment is the following: if you don’t put the large stones in the glass first, can not bring in the other” Suddenly there was a dead silence.

Each one of the participants began to realize what the professor just told them.

The professor asked:


o Health

o Family

o Friends

o make your dreams come true

o do whatever you like

o learn

o relax

o take your time out

o or…. something complete different

The most important thing for you to remember is the importance of these large stones there are in our lives. If you don’t take the time to bring in the big stones in your life first, you run a risk, to fail in life. If you give the priority to the gravel or sand, your life is filled with trivia and the precious time to dedicate ourselves to the most important elements of our lives is missing out. So do not forget to ask yourselves the following question:

“What are the BIG STONES IN YOUR LIFE? And then YOU make sure to first fill your glass (life) with these stones, before you do anything else.”

With a friendly gesture the old professor said goodbye to his audience and slowly left the room ….

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