In the scorching midday heat, a father, his young son and their donkey marched through the dusty streets of a city. The father was sitting on the donkey, while the boy was walking beside it. As a passenger saw that, he said: “The poor boy. His short legs can hardly keep up with the pace of the donkey. How can a father be so lazy sitting on the donkey while his young child is getting very tired from walking.”

The father took these words to heart and put the boy on the donkey. Soon after, another man passed by and shouted out loud: “This is outrageous. The little boy rides on the donkey like a sultan while his poor old father walks him.”

It hurt the boy hearing those words, and he asked the father to place himself behind him on the donkey. Shortly after a passing woman cried indignantly: “Have you ever seen anything like that? Such an animal cruelty! The back of the poor donkey droop entirely and the old and the young no-goods rest on him, as if this poor creature’s a sofa!”

They definitely did not want to hurt the donkey, so father and son dismount the donkey without saying a word.

A few steps further a stranger started to make fun of them: “What stupid thing to do! Why are you walking the donkey? He does not render anything, is no use for you and is not even wearing one of you!”

In this very moment the father came to the right conclusion and said to his son:” No matter what we do, there is always someone who does not agree with it. I think we need to know for ourselves what we think is right.”

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