21 Dec 2014

{ 21st window } Four candles

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Four candles were lit on the advent wreath. It was absolutely quiet. That quiet, that you could hear the candles starting to talk.

The first candle sighed and said: “My name is freedom. My light is lighten but the people don’t keep freedom, they don’t want me.” Her candle light got smaller and smaller and went out.

The second candle glimmered and said: ” My name is belief. But I am becoming redundant. People don’t want to know anything about God. It doesn’t make no sense any more for me to light.” A breeze of fresh air blew through the room and the second candle went out too.

That’s when the third candle spoke out quietly and very sad: “My name is love. I don’t have the power to light any more. People put me aside. They only see themselves and not the other around them, they should love.” And with a last flare-up even that candle went out.

A little child entered the room. It looked at the candles and said: “But, but, you are supposed to light up the room and not out!” And the little kid started crying.

However this was, when the fourth candle began to speak. She said: “Don’t be afraid, because my name is hope. And as long as I am still lit, we can light up the other candles too!”

Full of joy the little kid used the light from the candle hope to light up all the other candles.

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