22 Dec 2012

December 22nd – The pink bag

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As I strolled through the park sad as usual, I sat down on a park bench to think about everything that went wrong in my life, a little happy girl sat down next to me.

She noticed my mood and asked, “Why are you so sad?”

“Oh,” I said, “I have no friends in my life. They’re all against me. Everything goes wrong. I have no luck, and do not know how life will go on. “

“Hmm,” the girl said, “where is your pink bag. Show it to me! “

“What kind of pink bag?” I asked surprised. “I only have a black bag.”

Wordlessly, I handed it over to her. Carefully she opened carefully it with her delicate little fingers and looked into my black bag.

I felt that she was shocked. “It’s full of nightmares, full of misery and bad experiences!”

“What should I do? That’s how it is. Therefore I can’t change anything! “

“Here, take this,” the girl said and handed me a pink bag. “Look inside!”

With trembling hands I opened the pink bag and all I saw was that it was filled with memories of beautiful moments of life, although the girl was still very young.

“Where is your black bag?” I asked curiously.

“I’ll throw it in the trash every week and do not care about it anymore,” she said.

“To me, the meaning of life is to fill up  my pink bag in the course of a lifetime. And I stuff into it as much as possible. And if I feel like, or I start to get sad, then I open my pink bag and look inside. Then I feel immediately better.

When I am old and I am getting closer towards my end, I still have my pink bag. It will be full, up until the top and I can say that I enjoyed life. My life had meaning! “

Still puzzled as I thought about her words, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and was gone.

Next to me on the bench there was a pink bag.

I opened it cautiously and peeked inside. It was almost empty, except for this gentle kiss, which I had received from the girl on the park bench. Seeing this I had to smile and I got a heartwarming feeling.

Full of joy I started my way back home, not forgetting to throw my black bag into the next trash container.

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  1. ushi
    22 December 2012 reply

    ohhhh, *seufz*, das ist eine wunderbare Geschichte! ich freu mich total auf Weihnachten und dank deiner so tollen Einträge habe ich ein großartiges kindlich-freudiges Kribbeln im Bauch! Merry x-Mas to you!!!!

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