22 Dez 2013

22.Türchen – 4.Advent

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Time passes so quickly and today we already have the 4th advent and only two more days until christmas…!

Even our little advent calendar is slowly coming to an end… but only slowly… 🙂 we still have a few days left. Today I will show you one of my favorite christmas stories.

It is a story out of Schnüpperle – Vierundzwanzig Geschichten zur Weihnachtszeit (means: 24 stories for christmas time)

These stories are all about a 6-year-old boy, who is really looking forward to christmas. I highly recommend it to all of you with children at home, or who themselves stayed kids.

Here it is:


My mom went shopping. Schnüpperle stands on a chair nearby the window and look down at the terrace. Down there stands leaning against the housewall the christmas tree. Schnüpperle can’t get enough of it.

“Why Susanne doesn’t come out”, says Schnüpperle. “I would like to show her our christmas tree.”

At this moment the doorbell is ringing. Schnüpperle runs down the stairs and yells through the mail slot: “Mom, is it you?”

“No”, a strange voice answers. “I am…”

“Oh, I am not allowed to open”, Schnüpperle says, “because I am all alone, and you could be a burglar.”

“I am not a burglar. I am Farmer Hoppe.”

“But I am not allowed to open, because Mom went shopping and burglars always have excuses, and tell you lies, and then, there are already inside the house.”

“I don’t have excuses,” the man says, “I just bring you the christmas goose, your father ordered.”

“A goose?” Schnüpperle asks. “A real goose?”

“Yes, of course!”

“Oh great! I want to hear her cackle!” Schnüpperle opens the mail slot.

“Oh my, oh my!” the man outside sighs.

“I am not listening anything,” Schnüpperle says. “Doesn’t she want to?”

“She can’t.”

“Why not, is she ill?”

The man outside the door starts laughing. “No, she is not ill,” he says

“Well, then let her peak through the mail slot!”

“That’s not possible. She is wrapped.”

“See, you are a burglar! You have excuses and you just want to enter!”

“Boy!” he says. “I just want to get rid of the goose.”

“And you sure have one?”

“But of course!”

“I will now peak through the mailbox slot”, Schnüpperle says, “and if I can see her, than I may open the door, and if not, than it is out of the question.”

Schnüpperle hears paper rustling. “Oh, I can already see the beak, come on, show me more! Hey you, her head is all bandaged! Now I know, why she did not cackle. – You, out there, she is all naked! I really doubt that my father ordered a goose like this. We want one with feathers.°

The man outside the door laughs so hard, that he could barely speak. “No,” he says, “your father ordered one without feathers.”

“Well, but did she have any before?”

“Yes, she did.”

“And did you shave her?”

“Well I didn’t really shave her…”

“And how did you do it?”

“I plucked the goose.”

“You plucked the goose?” Schnüpperle asks. “You plucked all the feathers? This must have been very hurtful for her, right? I once plucked Annerose’s hair and she started crying very much.”

“Well, the goose did not cry.”

“No? She didn’t? Why not?”

“Because I slaughtered it before, and then I plucked it, so that you can eat a proper goose for christmas eve. Are you opening now?”

“No!” cries Schnüpperle and once again: “No! I would never open the door to somebody like you.”

“Well,” says Farmer Hoppe, “I am going to place the goose in front of your door, and as soon as I will be gone, you will bring it inside. Do you understand?”

“No, I do not understand, not one word! And I won’t even bring it inside!”

Schnüpperle hears some footsteps and then he hears Farmer Hoppe saying: “Oh, there comes the mom. Looks like I am eventually getting rid of the goose.”

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