Today is Monday and also the day before Christmas eve. The sun is shining and I am sitting at my computer with my first cup of tea thinking about what to write for today’s blog entry. There are so many wonderful stories and searching for the right one and time passed so quickly… I could surf the internet for stories, look through my books and notes to inspire myself all day long.

I must confess, that that kind of advent calendar is a lot of work. At first it doesn’t seem that much – 24 entries – that sounds doable. Well, it is indeed, but it also is a challenge to myself to finish it, as soon as I get started. It’s supposed to be varied, bringing ideas, inspire, get you in christmas mood…

Just like today… Today I decided to write you some happy thoughts, because they always put a smile in my face while reading them…. This list can be carried on endlessly, and if you can think of anything to add, please don’t hesitate and write it in the comments area. 🙂 I always look forward to reading them!


  1. laughing out loud until it hurts
  2. fall in love
  3. a hot shower after a long autumn walk
  4. a special moment
  5. receiving a nice e-mail
  6. driving along a gorgeous route
  7. listen to your favorite song in the radio
  8. laying in bed and listening to the raindrops knocking at the window
  9. no queues in the supermarket (especially during christmas time)
  10. giggle
  11. a good conversation
  12. the sea
  13. finding a 20-€ bill in the last years coat
  14. laugh about yourself
  15. a call that takes until late at night
  16. running through a sprinkler
  17. somebody who tells you how beautiful you are
  18. to laugh about a thought
  19. friends
  20. hearing by chance somebody saying nice things about you
  21. to wake up at night and figure that you have 3 more hours to sleep
  22. your first kiss
  23. finding new friends
  24. spending time with old friends
  25. playing with a puppy
  26. somebody playing with your hair
  27. sweet dreams
  28. hot chocolate
  29. an excursion with friends
  30. being pushed on a swing
  31. eye contact with a nice stranger
  32. holding hands
  33. meeting an old friend and figuring that nothing really changed between you
  34. watch the sun rising
  35. knowing that somebody is missing you
  36. knowing that you did the right thing no matter what others say
  37. booking the next vacation
  38. ……………..

to be continued…


  1. Laura
    23 December 2013 reply

    42. …mit dem richtigen Mann an seiner Seite morgens aufwachen

  2. Iris
    23 December 2013 reply

    mit leckerem Essen überrascht werden, vor allem, wenn man müde von der Arbeit nach Hause kommt

  3. Tanja
    23 December 2013 reply

    Oh, ja, das stimmt. Das ist toll

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