The little street sweeper and the angel’s hair


Snow had fallen during the night and then everything froze. The little street sweeper got dressed warmer than normal:  his red bobble hat, his long blue woolen scarf and his thick red gloves. Unfortunately during summer his gloves got moth-eaten and that’s why both index fingers and the pinky from his left hand poked out.

Sadly he looked at his bare fingers, while he was heading towards his winter street.

While he was sweeping the street, his fingers got colder and colder. Suddenly he saw something blinking in the snow, something glittery. The little street sweeper picked up a long glittering wire. “Angel’s hair,” he said prayerful, “this is the hair of an  angel!” He took the angel’s hair and wrapped it around his left index finger, the one freezing the most.

The angel’s hair shined wonderfully on his finger, and it actually warmed him up! And not only the index finger got warmer, but the whole left hand.

“Good morning, little street sweeper”, Miss Whimsical said. She was on her way to her birdhouse to feed her sparrows. “Look at you! What is that pretty thing on your finger?” she asked. “Angel’s hair”, proudly answered the little street sweeper. “Now I don’t mind any more having wholes in my gloves.”

Miss Whimsical smiled at him friendly. She went back at her house, looked for red wool and five knitting needles and started knitting gloves for the little street sweeper. I’m pretty sure that this is what the Angel wanted me to do, when he put his hair in front of my garden.

In the meantime the little street sweeper kept on sweeping the street. Every now and then he stopped to admire his left index finger, when the old newspaper woman came by. She had her hands wrapped in her apron, because she lost her gloves.

“Are you cold?” asked the little street sweeper. The old newspaper woman nodded.

The little street sweeper hesitated for just a second, then took off the angel’s hair and gave it to the newspaper woman. “You have to wrap it around your hand”, he said, “that way you won’t freeze any more.”

And strangely… not only the hands of the old newspaper woman got warm – also the little street sweeper’s hand stayed warm – they even got warmer, than they were before…

Author: Eva Marder

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