06 Dec 2014

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Little Flori and St. Nicholas

– Irina Korschunow

Little Flori was a big slob from the first day of school on. He constantly forgot things in the classroom, his cap, his gloves, his math book, his pencil case, his notebook… Yes sometimes he forgot even all together and went home with an empty satchel. And it got even worse:

One afternoon, when Flori went to get back his lost math book, she wasn’t on his desk any more; Flori searched and searched, but the math book was vanished. The next day Flori couldn’t find the pencil case, the day after his notebook was gone. It was short before St. Nicholas Day and his mom said: “I think this year St.Nicholas will only bring a rod.”

Little Flori didn’t believe that. The last years St. Nicholas has always been nice to him, even though he lost things even back then. Certainly St. Nicholas hasn’t noticed anything this year either and will bring him his favourite sweet, that only St. Nicholas has: Almond biscuits.

Well, and then he arrived, St. Nicholas!

He knocked loud on the door. There he was with his red coat and his golden bishops cap. He also brought a big bag, where Flori guessed his almond biscuits might be. But St. Nicholas made no move to take them out of the bag. He looked at Flori and knit his brows. He never looked that strict at Flori.

“Did you well-behave this year, Flori?”

“Yes,” answered Flori quick, although he knew exactly that, that wasn’t absolutely true.

“Well, well,” said St. Nicholas, “well-behaved you were? And always orderly? Never lost anything?”

Oh my! Now little Flori didn’t say anything no more. If St. Nicholas knew about all the things he lost? Flori’s heart started beating faster.

“What do you think I brought you this year?” asked St. Nicholas and grabbed in his bag.

“A-A-Almond biscuits?” stammered Flori.

But St. Nicholas just shook his head in disbelief.

“I didn’t have no space for almond biscuits,” he said, “because I had so many other things to bring you. Like this for example…”

And then he took out his math book! And his pencil case!

“And this… and this… and this….” He brought everything Flori lost, all but almond biscuits – not even one tiny piece!

“Well, then I’ll see you next year again, little Flori,” said St. Nicholas friendly. “And if I don’t have to carry all your lost things, I might have space for some almond biscuits again.”

And then he took off.

And there he stood and didn’t get anything from St. Nicholas! Actually this is a sad story.

But luckily she ends good!

Because St. Nicholas has a big heart and Flori was behaving very well from this day on and didn’t loose almost anything, he got a package the week before christmas.

“For little Flori” was written on it.

You might already know what was inside…

A whole box full of almond biscuits, like only St. Nicholas has them!

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  1. Thomas Osswald
    29 December 2014 reply

    Tolle Geschichte 🙂

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