09 Dec 2013

9th of December – Hope

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Today I want to tell you Anja’s story. I drove through half of Germany to visit her and her family, to hear the whole story and to take pictures of her.

She was 21 when she got diagnosed with cervical cancer. Normally a quite harmless kind of cancer, but unfortunately they found him very late. Because of that the treatment wasn’t as simple. After several infusions and operations they succeeded to beat the cancer, but the doctor told her, that it will be nearly impossible for her to become pregnant…

That was quite a lot for Anja and her family. But every time I saw her, she was smiling all over her face. And this smile got even bigger, when the doctors found out that she was pregnant, even though her chances were close to zero!!! They were out of joy and happiness, but at the same time they feared that something might happen to this little one…

For the last months she had to rest due to some complications, which I guess, was not very easy. But there is nothing she wouldn’t do for this little baby.

This week is the week of the birth… if it has not yet happen…. and we wish you all the best, a lot of joy and especially health!!!

Thank you, Anja, that I got to tell your story. I hope that this might inspire or encourage you to keep on believing no matter what others say…









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  1. haouel
    09 December 2013 reply

    Désolé pour ne pas connaitre la langue Allemande ! Alors je vous écrit donc en Français ! Charmé par votre histoire photo graphique, je vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde couronnée par l’heureux événement de votre futur nouveau- né (ou née ) .en plus de mes cordiaux vœux de fin 2013 ! Fraj HAOUEL 8050 Hammamet Tunisie

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