03 Nov 2012

Corinna & René {just married}

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It was the last September weekend at which we have packed all our equipment and headed to the wedding of Corinna & René. It is always something special, photographing a wedding of relatives, since we already know some of the guests, seeing everyone again and simultaneous watching out not to miss any important moment either.

The bride & groom have known each other since school. Last year they bought an old house that they have completely renovated and refurbished. After all that, it was about time to get married and celebrate together.

The church wedding took place in Ruchheim, a little pretty, light-filled church in the locality in which René came from originally. Then we went to the Gebrüder Meurer – a wonderful location in which you immediately feel like you are in the middle of Tuscany! Behind every corner you could find new great motifs and it was a dream to photograph there, not to mention that the food was really good!

We had a great party, a relaxed atmosphere and the guests had a lot of fun with the photobooth =)

  1. Ron
    03 November 2012 reply

    The couple was great, the wedding was super, everything just fit together and I have to say one thing; I am honored to have been a part of it! Thanks to the both of you for allowing us to share this wonderful day.

  2. Melanie
    17 November 2012 reply

    Da sind super schöne Fotos dabei. Das Paar hat einen tollen Geschmack (was für eine Location und was für ein schönes Braut-Outfit) und natürlich die ideale Fotografin. Ich hoffe, du konntest den Tag auch etwas genießen!

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