14 Jun 2013

Daniela & Fabian {got married}

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Thier wedding date was the 1st of June 2013 – the date with the most requests ever! Luckily Daniela & Fabian booked me over more than a year beforehand, because this date was the most coveted this year! 🙂
You sure remember these two from our Engagement-Shooting in Edinburgh last october and now the wedding day finally arrived.

Weather-wise we all expected something less rainy – but you have to adapt to the given situation… And by rain I am not talking about a little spray, but pouring continuous rain. I am not sure if I ever experienced such a weather. Our motto was: “everyone can deal with sunshine…” 🙂

The marriage ceremony was held by Sabine John in the La Paz Hofgut Domäne in Hechingen, who had to rearrange everything due to the weather. It was a very moving ceremony: Sabine’s speech, Daniela and Fabians self written vows for each other, the rain that got heavier and heavier…. Everything was perfect!

Fortunately the day before the wedding the two booked an hour at the Castle Hohenzollern for the photoshooting, because otherwise we would have had a big problem to find a place to photoshoot… Everyone at the castle knew that we were coming and so we got a private tour through the castle and we were allowed to go (almost :)) everywhere, no one’s normally allowed to go. It was a challenge regarding lightning conditions, but luckily I got two great assistants 🙂

When we got back, it was time for dinner and the evening part begun. We had a great atmosphere, our photobooth was non-stop in use and later in the evening the two newlyweds prepared a surprise for each other. Like Fabian drove Adrian Winkler all the way from Munich, to sing the opening dance for them live. Daniela on the other hand organized some fireworks to surprise her new husband and unbelievably it stopped to rain, so that we all could enjoy it outside.

As you can see there were a lot of things going on this wedding and we were lucky to be a part of it!


Dear Daniela, dear Fabian, thank you very much for everything we experienced together!

We wish you all the best for your future life together, a lot of joy, happiness and at least one BBQ-evening together 🙂

Tanja & Ron


  1. Silke
    15 June 2013 reply

    Wie wunderwunderschön…..hab schon wieder Pippi in den Augen…..

  2. Melanie
    16 June 2013 reply ................

    Oh was sind das für tolle Augenblicke und Bilder……….
    Einfach traumhaft und sooooo schön………………..

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