Little nibble angel

-Daniela Deuser –

Once upon a time there was a little angel called Bernadette.

She was a diligent angel, although still very young, she was always focused on what she was doing. Her only problem was, that she loved to nibble.

Thank goodness that she did not have to work at the christmas bakery. That would have been something. She surely would have nibbled chocolate, dough, nuts and biscuits all day long, instead of making them.

Oh no, our dutiful angel was glad, that she worked at the department for presents and her job was to wrap presents and to put the names on them.

She had a lot of fun doing this, and while she was working she was thinking about the children down on earth, who would open the presents with glowing eyes and be joyful on christmas eve.

But one day Bernadette was send to the christmas bakery to ask for the biscuits that everyone was waiting for. She barely entered the bakery when she smelled this delicious, wonderful flavor of freshly baked cookies and her mouth started watering. She instandly forgot why she came here.

The master baker saw her and asked: “Well Bernadette, why are you here?”

Bernadette remembered why she was here and told him.

“The cookies will be done any minute now,” said the master baker. “Just wait here until they are ready. But don’t nibble!”

Oh that was hard for Bernadette. Her tummy began to growl when she sat there and she couldn’t help herself but staring at the cookies. The baker master felt pitty for her and gave her a fistful of freshly baked cookies.

“But this is an exception!” he said strictly, but in his eyes you could see the joy over Bernadettes appetite.

For Bernadette this was a great day. She luxuriously ate the cookies, she got and watched the master baker how he gave instructions to the angels on how to bake the cookies.

That’s not even that hard to do, thought Bernadette.

When she finished eating all of her cookies, the cookies for the delivery department were done too and given to her.

Oh, the was a great temptation to eat some of the cookies on her way to the delivery department – and of course she couldn’t resist.

As the supervising angel began to count the cookies, the little angel got scared. And of course the supervising angel noticed, that there were missing a lot of cookies. And as he looked down on Bernadettes roundly shaped belly, he knew, where all the cookies had gone.

He just started to read her the riot act, as Santa rushed into the present department. “What a desaster!” he yelled.

“What happened?” asked the supervising angel.

“Our master baker got hurt while baking and now he can’t bake cookies any more for at least three days. And christmas eve is in two days! Now we won’t have enough cookies for all the children on earth!”

“But”, Bernadette dared to interfere. “Why don’t all the little angels bake the cookies by themselves?”

Astonished the supervising angel and Santa looked at each other.

“But, Bernadette”, said Santa, “the little angels don’t know how to prepare the single cookies! Only the master baker knows how to make them, he gives exact instructions – so what shall we do now?”

“Well”, said the supervising angel. “It looks like not all the children will get cookies this year.”

Worried he dropes his wings and also Santa was very sad.

“Maybe I can help you!” said the little angel, mustering up all her courage. “I watched the master baker while I was waiting for the cookies to be done and I think I can remember all the recipies and how they are done.”

Santa and the supervising angel looked at each other disbelieving. Something like that never happened before, that another angel but the master baker knew how to make the cookies!

“But they need to taste the same way like every year,” Santa said. “You think you can do that?”

“But of course”, called out Bernadette. “I love the cookies so much, that I can tell immediately if they taste different.”

With this argument he convinced even the supervising angel.

“We should give it a try”, he said.

“Well then come with me, Bernadette, you will be our master baker from now on. You are actually a little too small for this job, but you will make it with the help of all the other angels!”

Bernadette got all excited and started shivering when she entered the bakery. Her head was empty and she couldn’t remember anything the master baker did. But then she thought about all the children on earth, that would be sad, if they wouldn’t get their cookies, and at that moment she remembered all the recipies!

And then they all started to work in the bakery. When the first batch of cookies was done, Santa himself came to taste them.

He was thrilled. They tasted wonderful!

So they kept baking and Bernadette gave instructions to the little angels. In all that hustle she almost forgot to nibble!

“You did a great job, Bernadette”, said Santa. “Just because of you all the children will have their cookies on christmas eve!”

And Bernadette’s eye started gleaming.

And when the master baker got well, Bernadette could stay at the bakery and be his little assistant from now on.




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