This never-ending winter made me think of a possibility how to bring spring fever into everyone’s homes…. And the most characteristic thing about spring is flowers and rich colors…. So I was looking for someone in charge of flowers 🙂

That’s when I remembered Nina. She soon will have her first anniversary  since she opened her Floristikmanufactury Blattgold last year. As I contacted her regarding my project she war immediately thrilled by the idea of taking pictures of her spring flowers.

When I got there yesterday, it felt like vacation. There was a cute Café on the other side of the street, where students were sitting outside enjoying the sun and on the other side this gorgeous flower shop. The building seems to be made for this flower shop, with its stairs outside and also inside, with its big old windows giving you an insight of how it looks like inside and everywhere you look you find all these small details that inspire you!

These are the days, when I realize again how blessed I am working with great people and photographing wonderful motifs! 🙂



I wish everyone a great day and be inspired! 🙂

  1. alex
    07 March 2013 reply

    very sweet and beautiful colors

  2. Marion Czemmel
    07 March 2013 reply

    wunderschöne Frühlingsimpressionen
    so richtig was für die Seele

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