We met Kerstin & Sascha at the

“Du & Ich – Tübinger Hochzeitsmesse”

       (wedding fair in Tübingen) in January 2012. They came to our stand with their two gorgeous and always smiling twins Liam & Luis, searching for a wedding photographer. They did not want to celebrate only the wedding, but also the baptism of the twins.

I love fairs because you get to meet each other personally. You get to talk about their upcoming wedding, their plans, their wishes, everything directly on location and I can show my pictures and tell them what I do and how I work… And most importantly I get feedback on my pictures, especially when they like them and when they whisper to each other that they want something like this for their own wedding 🙂

That’s what happend with Kerstin & Sascha: they made a reservation for their wedding date and confirmed it later – jipppie! 🙂

I visited them at home to discuss further details and to get to know all the other family members, especially on little guy: Fynn – the sunshine boy!

I fell in love with him the moment he first smiled at me! Fynn is the big brother of Liam & Luis and does a really good job. Thanks to 3 kids and a lot of pets there is always something going on at their residence. 🙂

Despite of their young family they  went through some though times and you can feel how important it is for them to enjoy life and do everything for their children! It is wonderful to see how much love is given to everyone and how much they harmonise. It was also impressive to see how much assistance they get from friends and family, because it is not as simple as you might think with 3 children and a bunch of pets.

That is also the reason why the wedding primarily was supposed to be a big party for everyone to show their gratefulness and to celebrate their new start.

And that is also what it was: a big celebration. Everyone helped either by taking care of the children, or by baking / cooking something for the wedding…

It is great to see such a solidarity

But enough for now… now let’s take a look at the pictures!

      For your future we wish you all the best! Thank you for letting us be part of your wedding day!
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