About me


  • am blessed with a great family and a wonderful fiance, who support me 200%
  • love bringing joy to people through my pictures
  • love spending time with my friends
  • am a desperate romantic
  • start my day with a huge cup of tea
  • laugh until my belly hurts
  • love the attention to detail
  • love scarves no matter what season
  • go for a walk, even though it might be lightening, thundering or hailing
  • sing out loud while driving
  • am a passionate listener, especially when being told stories from other peoples lives
  • love Ben&Jerry’s ice cream
  • am fascinated by northern countries and love traveling without any specific destination in mind
  • love my home & cozy evenings with my sweetheart
  • like to light candles in churches
  • can say “thank you” in 10 different languages
  • am a planner, list maker and chef with all my heart
what about you? Tell me what you’re passionate about…