10 Jul 2012

Small photo course

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Yesterday I got the urgent need to head out for a walk with my camera through the fields of Korntal.

It was beautiful weather: not too hot, light wind, and above all great light in the later  afternoon with scattered cloud sky. I walk through the scenery, wondering what I could photograph…
So I came up with the idea to photograph quite “normal” things from different perspectives. Often it is the camera’s fault, that pictures are boring, but it is because of the composition. Even with a compact camera, I could have drawn these pictures, because it was all about the different perspectives.
That’s why other walkers found me lying in the grass, simply because I wanted a perspective that can not be seen from eye level.

And that’s also what makes pictures special. While photographing from a standing position makes the world look no different,  as we see it constantly. But if we go on a hill, or put us on the floor we come up with new ideas: that’s how the world looks from the perspective of an ant, or from the perspective of a bird (a little exaggerated, but I think you know what I mean)

In any case, I wanted to give a bit of inspiration – for those who like to go for a walk with the camera in your pocket and not knowing how and what to photograph.



Strohgäubahn Korntal-Weissach


Strohgäubahn Korntal-Weissach





Have lots of fun trying out new things!

I look forward seeing your pictures =)

  1. Ron
    10 July 2012 reply

    I’ve walked this area many times and it’s like being here for the first time. Great job!

  2. Diana Pätzold
    11 July 2012 reply

    Liebe Tanja,
    GRANDIOS!! Ich kenne die Ecken, in denen Du spazieren warst – eigentlich nicht so spannend die Gegend dort. Aber aus Deinen Perspektiven – FANTASTISCH!!! Total beeindruckend! Aber auf den Schienen liegen… tstststs… Hoffe, Du hattest den Fahrplan im Kopf! ;-))
    Mehr von Deinen Lehrgängen!!!

    • Tanja
      11 July 2012 reply

      Vielen Dank, Diana!

      Die Bahn dort fährt ja zum Glück nicht so oft 😉

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