A happy coincidence brought Beate Gaschler in my life, and this was Rose Fiedler

It’s been a while since our photo shooting, but now is the right time to show you her pictures!

She is a passionate nutritionist, personal shopping assistant and someone who gets to the bottom of the matter: Live Your Food. Everything revolves around food – healthy food-, health and enjoying life! She contacted me because she needed some more pictures for her website and especially pictures of herself. All in all I was there for over 3 hours, she showed me around, explained the meaning of grocery and I learned so much from her, like from no one before! Everything she knows based on intensive research, trying out things and discovering new things. Talking to her makes you realize how important food is and how little we care about it.

If you want to find out more about her and her work, now it is a good time to meet her in person. She is inviting everyone to her

Grand opening on the 20.-21. of June 2013 from 10-20





Dear Beate, I wish you all the best for you, your business and your dreams!

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  1. Beate Gaschler
    17 October 2013 reply

    Liebe Tanja,

    vielen herzlichen Dank für
    Deinen Einsatz,
    Dein Engagement,
    Deine Liebe zum Detail,
    Deinem Talent,
    Deiner Geduld,
    Deine Gabe den richtigen Zeitpunkt zu erwischen,
    Deine Kreativität
    und Ausdauer!!

    ….Du warst beim Fotoshooting präsent und doch unsichtbar – wie wunderbar natürlich alles geworden ist.

    Ganz wie meine Philosophie des Lebens “einfach leben”!

    Ich freue mich auf noch viele schöne Kochevents – Fotoshootings & kreativen Gesprächen mit Dir!

    Mit gesunden Grüßen
    Beate – Foodfinder!

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