Now I finally get to take some time for my blog. It’s been a long time, since you last heard from us. Many of you already heard that we just had our wonderful son:

Christopher Kelani

He was born on the 18th of September and we can’t imagine a life without him any more.

It is unbelievable how strong the feelings are you develop in such a short time, and what hormones do to you. You sometimes don’t recognise yourself any more. It is amazing to hold this little guy in your hands, who is just perfect:

10 little fingers
10 little toes
2 eyes that can see
2 ears that can hear
everything … and much more…!

Everyone keeps telling you that everything changes afterwards – and it really does. But you also get the most special gift to hold in your hands!

We want to say thank you for all of your wishes, cards, emails, messages, gifts…. We are very blessed with so many friends and family members that supported us and still do!

We wish you a merry christmas time!

Christopher, Ron & Tanja

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  1. Simone
    28 December 2014 reply

    Liebe Tanja, lieber Ron,
    ich gratulier euch nochmal zu euerm “kleinen/großen Wunder” 😉
    Es ist einfach einmalig und wertvoll dieses Glück erleben zu dürfen!
    Das erste eigene Baby aufwachsen zu sehen ist einfach etwas ganz zauberhaftes. Ich darf es auch jeden Tag aufs Neue erleben 🙂
    Viele liebe Grüße, Simone

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