After two years it was about time to return to my favorite country: Slovenia – even if it was only for a few days.

You have to do the best with what you got, and that is what we did. That’s why we thought we make a small video to show you what we were up to and to test our new family member: the GoPro!

We had the perfect weather conditions on our ski trip and could not help but film all day long 🙂 It really was a dream!

We used these 5 days to collect ideas for the upcoming season, to visit old friends and family and of course to relax and enjoy skiing! It was a great feeling to break out from your usual habits for a few days.

To show you, where we live, when we go to Slovenia I made a few pictures of my parents gorgeous cabinet in the middle of nowhere 🙂

If you have never been to Slovenia, you should definitely go there and enjoy its beautiful nature and countryside.

And here we proudly present our Slovenia Ski Trip Video!!!!


*Ronja on Tour* Slovenia Ski Trip from Tanja Ganzer Productions on Vimeo.

  1. Katrin und Sandra
    13 February 2013 reply

    Wuhu! Sehr geniales Video und die Bilder sind natürlich auch super. Aber das Video!
    Und wem wurde da ne WhatsApp geschickt? 😉
    Bis ganz bald ihr 2.
    Grüße von den SAMs

  2. Corinna & Rene
    13 February 2013 reply

    Hallo Ihr Beiden!
    Super schöne Bilder und ein genial lustiges Video!
    Man sieht ihr hattet Spaß und habt euch gut erholt – so soll es sein. Macht weiter so!
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  3. Janeen
    25 February 2013 reply

    Wow! These are fabulous! What a gorgeous winter wonderland! You guys look great too! See you next month! 🙂

  4. Janeen
    25 February 2013 reply

    OMG! I just saw the video… AWESOME! I was having issues earlier, but coincidentally, my mom had her internet service upgraded today! You guys did an amazing job on this!! I am loving the song too… I recognize Nikki’s voice, but what song is that???

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