It has been a long time since I last wrote a blog entry. Which does not mean, that there is nothing new in my life – far from it! I had the chance to photograph a lot of great people and new projects.
It’s more like I had to take a break from the internet to have more time for myself. But no worries – we are totally fine! 🙂

Honestly it felt good not to check Facebook & Co. every morning as soon as I started the computer to see what’s new and what the others do. I got the feeling, that I  could miss out on something, if I don’t check Facebook every 20 minutes. Well, that made me realize, that I have to step back… and …. it worked! 🙂 And… I felt good about it. I still got in touch with everyone I care about, which is the most important thing.

Of course I must say that all the social media is an enormous advantage for me and my work and I am glad to be a part of it.

Within the last weeks we spent a lot of time with our families and our friends, traveled around and kept on working on new projects.

Here’s a short summery of the last couple of weeks ….


All the time I show you pictures of couples, families, kids…. That’s what made me realize that I never took portrait picutres of my own family – and that needed to be changed.

So, my father and I arranged a birthday present for my mother including breakfast, all-inclusive wellness-treatment and make up and took this opportunity to make a few portrait picutres of my parents. I got exactly 5 minutes before they started saying, that this should be enough now 🙂 That’s the destiny of a photographer, but you have to take your chances and make the best out of it.

Thank you so much! You are the best!


In March I had a trainee for one week. Acutally there were two of them, but one was with Franziska Molina and the other stayed with me. They are two best friends who wanted to get an impression and learn more about photography.
It was a completely new challenge for me. Of course I wanted to teach her as much as I could but at the same time I had to get my own work done.

At the beginning I was not so sure about taking a trainee, but the two of them kept contacting us and after having met them in person, we decided to give them the chance. The thing I liked most about them, was that they had their goal in mind and did everything to make this happen. I am the same, if I have a dream, I try everything to make it happen and it felt good to be a part of their dream

Here is a message for everyone out there who has a dream: Go for it! Make your dreams come true! And if it does not work out the way you imagined, does not matter, because at least you tried!

Well that is my motto.

Now here are some pictures I made at the end of the week :)

Dear Jule, dear Lena, I wish you all the best for your future and hope to see and hear from you soon!


Next stop was Munich!

And I love Munich! Not only because of the city and its great flair, but especially because this is where some very special friends live!!! 🙂

The reason for my trip to Munich was the birth of Moritz. Maybe you have already seen his pictures: Welcome, Moritz!

It was such a great weekend. It all started by traveling there by train. It is always very relaxing to go somewhere with the train. You can either enjoy the landscape, listen to some music, read a book or sleep. Thekla, my very best friend, was already waiting for me to take me to a very nice café in Westend where we stayed and talked for the next three hours.

After that I went to Unterföhring to visit Bojana – also a very special person to me! Some of you might know her from my blog of from TV. I haven’t seen her and her husband for a very  long time and got the chance to visit them in their new home. It was such an amazing evening chatting with them over a glas of wine.

On Sunday morning it was time to meet Moritz…. you already know the rest 🙂

I could do that every week….

I hope to see you again soon!


Another highlight was our trip to Heidelberg. Together with Katrin & Sandra from Weddingsam we made an excursion to visit Thingsstätte and had a lot of fun – as usual when we are together 🙂

We can highly recommend you to go there, because it is a very fascinating area with a great view over Heidelberg.

After that we stoped at our favourite restaurant in Heidelberg: Mandy’s. A dream for everyone who likes the 50ties, American Style and great hamburgers!


One of my projects was together with  Rose Fiedler – my favourite artist!

She once told me about all the decoration stuff she stores in the basement and we figured out, that somebody might be interested in renting it for a celebration. That is why we created a sweet candy table, to show how it could look like.

So if anyone is interested in renting any of this let her know! She is very excited for everyone interested!



And then they finally arrived!!! Our visitors from the USA! Ron’s mom and her husband came to Germany for vacation for 3 weeks. It has been exactly three years since her last visit and we couldn’t wait to see her and her husband again.
They spent a lot of time in Mannheim, where Monika originally comes from. Of course we drove up several times to see them and to spent time with them and then they came with us to Stuttgart for one week.

The first thing we did was going to the Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest and drink a Maß Bier. We had a lot of fun there!

Then we had a BBQ at my parents house and enjoyed a relaxing day off 🙂





To show them a little bit of Europe we all decided to head towards the mountains. Our first stop was Berchtesgaden and the Royal lake. We got very lucky with the weather, after all the rain and cold.
There we made a boat trip and enjoyed the silence and the beautiful nature.



The next morning we drove on to Vienna. None of us has been there before, so we thought it would be nice to visit it together. We were very excited about what we would see in Vienna. First thing we did after arriving to Vienna: we made a city tour with the carriage. This is something very special in Vienna and it was great to get a first impression of the city with all its historical buildings everywhere.



We saw a lot, we walked a lot and we enjoyed the city very much – we will definitely come back! 🙂


After 4 days mini vacation we got back home. Because of the sunny weather I took the chance to make some portrait pictures of Monika and Brad. We went to Stuttgart city, enjoyed the sun, went shopping and make a walk through the parks.



Dear Monika, dear Brad, thank you for these wonderful days we spent together! We hope that you got back home safely.

Hope to see you again very soon! 🙂


Well, my friends, this was a short review over our last weeks. We hope you enjoyed it and we promise to get back to you soon! 🙂


  1. coco l…
    15 May 2013 reply

    ja, is ja unglaublich! So viele wunderschöne, lustige und kunstvolle Bilder auf einmal!!! ich kann nicht genug bekommen, sie nochmal und nochmal durchzusehen!
    Vielen tausendmillionen Dank für diese gesammelten Werke! (naja und auch in eigener Sache, DANKE, meine Liebe für DIE schönen Fotos und das kurze Treppenhausrendez-vous-*nicknack*)

  2. Andreas
    13 June 2013 reply

    Was für schöne Fotos…war mir garnicht bewusst dass das Wetter dieses Jahr schon so schön war 🙂

    Es sieht aus als habt ihr jeden Sonnenstrahl genossen.

  3. Bojana
    05 December 2013 reply

    ….als wäre man dabei!!! Wunderschön, berührend und glücklich-machend!!!

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