14 Jan 2012

New paths….

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Eventually I stopped counting the hours sitting in front of the computer, surfing through the internet, visiting and comparing other websites, searching for inspiration and trying to implement it for me and my new website. You have to be gone through this already to understand, how much works lies behind a new website. And of course you want everything to be special, because you invested so much work and effort to all this.

And now it is done! This was such a big part of my life for the past months, that now I won’t know what to do with all this spare time! 😉 But it will be the exact opposite: now I can get started! Now I can present my images with dignity, have a professional glance and can advertise myself better then before.

Due to this special day, I made a small review over the past years and the development of my images and websites. This is how my first website looked like:

For all of you, who remember this site: I am thrilled, touched and overwhelmed, that you followed me all the way and still remain loyal!
Special thanks go to Ronnie, who acquired knowledge to change the original template to the way it is now, with all its specialties. And that even though, he did not know very much about HTML beforehand. Yes it was our baby!
It was the first time ever, that my images were shown in public, and we were proud of it.

The problem with this website was, that you have to understand HTML to insert new images, texts… So you can imagine, that we didn’t change them very often. Nevertheless over the time I started to understand a bit of HTML and learned how to change a few small things myself – oh my, I was full of pride! 🙂

But it all grow very slowly and we began to find a better way to show my images. That is when we found the phenomenal ProPhoto blog, which convinced me the moment I started working with it. Instantly it became so easy to change everything, no matter if you wanted to change the background, the menu bar, add pictures, write something…. This blog revolutionized everything! And above all I wasn’t depending on Ronnie any more (I think he at least was as happy as I was :-))

This blog contains almost everything, that happened in this whole period. I here present you a few information, you may be interested in:

  • my first blog entry: 31.05.2009 {Morgentau}
  • number of blog entries until now: 122
  • comments: 122
  • views all time: 43.306!
I am really looking forward to what comes next! What personal records I am  going to beat next, how many blog entries will follow within the next 3 years…
We will see 😉
That, my dearest, was a short look back through the past and now we will look ahead to what the future brings. I am pleased if you support me by liking my new Facebook-site, by inserting me into your circles at google+, to follow me on Twitter… you know how 🙂
And after having done that, you may lean back and enjoy my new website one more time.
But first and foremost I would love to read your comments, of how you like the website, what are your impressions…..
Thank you!


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