Today we will show you something else 🙂

Today’s blog entry is not about photography, but about Ron’s focus: filming and creating videos. Unfortunately we are not always allowed to show them in public. That’s why we were even more excited, when we started this project.

Next year Julia & Steffen will tie the knot and nobody of their family or friends did know about their engagement yet.

That’s why they wanted it to be something very special. We sat down together and brainstormed about what we could do to make it special. That’s how we came across the idea to make a Save-the-Date movie.
They were both excited about this idea and so they decided to go with it.

We met to discuss all the things that should be shown in a video. Such a video needs good planing ahead to make the filming and editing easier. A story-board needed to be created.
We talked about all the things that they like to do, that connects the two and things that show, how they really are.

Well, that’s a lot of work besides the video itself, but it was totally worth it!

We will show you not only the Save-the-Date video but also, how it looked like, when they sent out the DVD’s.

Enjoy watching! 🙂

And here is the video!

Das Leben ist schön! from GANZER STUDIOS on Vimeo.

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