24 Feb 2012

In love in Freiburg

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It was all a big coincidence that I had a chance to be a part of the Du&Ich Wedding Fair in Tübingen, and Stefanie and her sister, the maid of honor, visited shortly before the closing time, and we immediately hit it off. The moon and the stars lined up perfectly that day, in order for us to meet.

After we verified the date was still available for the planned wedding, Steffi had on more thing to do, convince her finance to let me shoot the wedding. But who can resist a smile like hers? I know Daniel doesn’t have it easy resisting such charm.

As Ron and I got to know the two of you, we realize quickly how well you fit together. Watching you two during the shoot, was like watching a new couple just falling in love, no one would believe you’ve been together for 7 years!

As always, we wanted the photo shoot to reflect parts of their lives, such as the quiet area in the foothills where they enjoy walks together, or their favorite Italien restaurant, and of course the family nursery, Gärtnerei Müller, which has been in the family for 4 generations (85 years)! On the 9th of March they will open the doors to the newly built nursery, which has been under construction for about a year now, complete with a restaurant. Yes, the wedding reception will be held on premise, and even though it wasn’t quite finished yet, we could all imagine how beautiful it will be.

As we discussed favorite places to eat or enjoy an evening out, the Ristorante & Pizzeria Engel was on top of the list!

Since we were welcomed with open arms, I had to take a picture of the two friendly gentlemen at the counter.

Dear Steffi and Daniel, we want to wish you the best with the opening of the new nursery.

Maybe we will see each other before the wedding…

Cheers from Stuttgart!

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